Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

Writing a well-researched essay is not a daunting task because with a few tricks and tips, you can write an essay that will make your teacher proud. Start by checking out books on essay writing and take notes of key concepts as you read. If you're stumped on essay topics, you should read a few current events because they may serve as a spark to get you excited about writing the essay. Make sure you choose a topic that doesn't bore you unless it is a topic that the teacher requires you to write about. When writing the essay you should do so in a quiet area so you can concentrate better.

Essay Must Be Five Paragraphs Long

The standard essay is five paragraphs long unless the teacher says otherwise. The first paragraph must be the introduction and thesis statement and the next three paragraphs state valid examples that support the claim mentioned in the thesis statement. The final paragraph is the conclusion and this is not to repeat the same information in previous paragraphs but instead to wrap up everything in a different way.

Getting Ideas for Your Essay

You can get essay ideas by listening to conversations with strangers at the bus stop, with classmates at lunchtime, and with relatives and friends. Another way to get ideas for your essay is to read nonfiction books and magazine articles on issues that that matter the most to you. For example, if you are interested in the role that the economy has in public funding for schools, look for books and articles that pertain to this subject. In case you are runnig off ideas, you may need help with essay writing. Therefore, you can always ask professionals for help.

Avoid Personal Opinions in Essay

Unless you're writing a narrative essay about yourself and different experiences in your life, you want to avoid personal opinion in the essay because your goal is to inform or persuade the reader of a certain argument. Instead you want to only include objective research sources that support your claim and you should also include the opponents' arguments in the essay.


Your essay should be well-researched and entice the reader to want to know more about the subject. Don't choose an essay topic that is too broad but narrow an issue down to a certain subtopic and research this topic. Don't add fillers in order to lengthen the essay and the conclusion should be a wrap up of everything you mentioned in the essay.

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