How to Select an Essay Writing Company: 5 Indicators of Fraud

Getting assignment writing help isn't the bad idea it used to be. Today many students are taking advantage of this as an opportunity to have essays written for them. It isn't necessarily because they're looking to game the system. Because school work is very demanding and students can't always catch up.

Many companies has started popping up, mostly online, to write essays for these students and with it the risk that they're fraudulent has actually increased. As a good round figure, there are five indications that the writing company is fraudulent.

What To Look Out For

Due to the age of the internet, online fraud is still somewhat knew but fraud itself has been practiced since the beginning of time. For this reason, there is already a good indication when fraud might be committed. The first place a student is likely to go is online. Here are some things to look for:

  • Page Design
  • Pay To Register
  • Illegitimate Domain Name
  • Not Verified
  • Scam Review

Page Design

There are so many different designs out there that it's hard to tell. When running searches, the student needs to make sure to examine each link as well as the layout of the page. A lot of times fraudulent sites will put sensational titles to get attention. Linear pages that provide a bunch of promises and have you scroll down only to charge are suspect.

Pay To Register

As mentioned in the previous example, if a service is demanding a fee to register for a service, it might be a fraudulent site. Because of how close essay writing is associated with learning, they generally will have people speaking with the student or can be vouched for by the school system.

Illegitimate Domain Name

Sites are very professional looking these days, sometimes using free layouts that anyone can get. Also, some sites that do not have a unique domain name that they spent money on is just like using a free service for the same reason.

Not Verified

For online services, the education system understands these services are out there so rather than fight them, they can work together with one to send their students to which is one way to verify. This would also refer to offline possible brick and mortar businesses that do not exist if they do not already have a reputation.

Scam Review

There are plenty of services also available that review these sites. So it's a good idea to go through them to make sure they've passed the test to know whether to avoid them or not.


Today most businesses that provide this service are going to be online. The possibility of fraud increases mostly for the fact that there is no face to face contact with the help which makes fraud easier to pull off.

This means that unless it's someone a student knows or is vouched for by the school, it is best to use caution when approaching anyone outside of the system.

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