Successful Term Paper Topics for University

This list contains a numerous amount of term paper topics for Universities. Each topic can be researched and the student can choose a position concerning the topic. This allows factual evidence to be provided about the topic that leads the student to support his or her argument dealing with the topic. Here are a list of the most popular subjects for your assignment.

  • Abortion - this is a constant political topic that has numerous viewpoints within society by numerous groups of people and organization. There is information available that will allow the essay writer to either oppose it or support it. Proper evidence should be included and cited as well.
  • Gay Rights - another important political topic that incorporates both factual and personal viewpoints on whether things of such sort should be prohibited or allowed within politics/society.
  • Education - at some point of college, most of you will be asked to write about education. This is a huge topic but can be narrowed down to, for example, how the education system works in a certain region and whether or not you agree with it or how it can be improved. This is a very important aspect of the world so it should be interesting and informative to write about.
  • Racial Discrimination - this is a prevalent concept in society as well as politics. Many useful arguments are available to use from past history as well as modern. If you feel very strongly about this topic then it's a definite go for you.
  • Prison Overpopulation - whether you know it or not, this topic has more to it then just prisons being overcrowded. There are mentally ill inmates in prisons who receive little treatment but are immediately incarcerated when they shouldn't be. This involves the nations economic state and lots more, which proves why it is such a great topic to write about.
  • Global Warming - a constant hazard on our earth that affects us in more ways than we think. More reform is needed while new technology is being constantly introduced to help induce this effect. It affects everyone in the world as well as animals and plant life. Take a stand express the importance of our earth!
  • Cyber Bullying - with a growing number of individuals being introduced to social networks and social media, cyber bullying has become more common and a threat to the lives of young people. A very strong topic to write about.

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