Do Health Care Costs Matter?

Health care costs do matter to everyone. Health care costs have skyrocketed all over the world. The costs of regular medical care are prohibitive for the average person. It is almost impossible for someone below the poverty line to seek medical help. Health care costs matter because people may skip regular maintenance appointments, necessary medical prescriptions may go unfilled, and important follow-up appointments may be skipped.

Routine annual checkups are important to a person's health. If a person has a family history of diabetes or cancer and that person does not go to his or her regular checkups then the disease could go unchecked or undiagnosed. If an appointment and subsequent care is too expensive, a person's heath could be compromised. Mammograms, blood work, stress tests, and regular checkups can potentially catch a hazardous condition and prevent further illness. Health care costs should not be so high that people do not go for annual checkups and tests.

If a patient has an ongoing issue such as high blood pressure, that condition must be checked on a regular basis. Changes may be made in important prescriptions to keep pace with the patient's condition. If the patient cannot go to the doctor in order to get these important medications due to cost, the condition could become life threatening. Health care costs do matter when it comes to important prescriptions. If a prescription goes unfilled due to cost, this is tragic.

If one cannot afford to go back to the doctor for a follow-up appointment, then a condition could regress. Follow-up medical appointments exist to monitor a condition with possible therapy and medication prescriptions. If a broken arm is not healing as it should and the patient does not go for the follow-up appointment, the arm could mend incorrectly. Health care costs do impact the all important follow-up doctor appointment. No one should ever have to skip a follow-up appointment due to high health care costs.

A civilized country takes care of the sick. An ill person should never hesitate to seek medical health due to exorbitant health care costs. The dependence on going to the Emergency Room for treatment of health issues that should take place in the doctor's office has to stop, and costs should be made affordable enough for every one to obtain medical help and yearly checkups, critical prescriptions, and important follow up appointments.

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