How to Write Perfect Literary Analysis Essays: a Manual for Students

Writing a descriptive essay is perhaps the easiest task when it comes to essay writing. However, a literary analysis essay is a far trickier job than a normal essay. You are expected to review and analyze the works of other authors/poets with gentle care. Before I go into the essay writing method, I would like to present an easy definition of Literary Analysis for those who are new to the term.

A Literary analysis often known as literature critique is an essay writing technique which requires you to thoroughly analyze a literary sample (article, novel, poem, biography), evaluate it and write a detailed review about each and every component.

A friendly manual for students

  1. A compelling title

    The first impression of your essay will be set by the title you pick. So make sure it is very catchy, relevant, and concise. It should deliver a clear message as to what you will be covering in your essay.

  2. Create an outline

    Create a rough outline for your essay. You can follow the usual pattern for this starting from an introduction and ending at limitations and conclusions.

  3. Formulate your thesis

    A literary analysis essay may mostly require a thesis statement, which you will have to work upon from the very start. The thesis statement should present a compelling argument or claim for whatever writing you are going to defend or analyze in your analysis.

  4. Introduction

    The introduction needs to be drafted very carefully. In case you are evaluating a book or a novel, you will have to give a very intriguing yet brief summary of the plot or the story. After introducing, the original work as it is you will talk a little about the works of other critics on the similar topic.

  5. The body

    The body will consist of your evaluation and review. You are to use literary terms and analysis tools for this part.

  6. Conclusion

    The conclusion should be well written providing a clear linkage between the introduction and your analysis. You can also state your limitations and recommendations here if you find certain literary flaws.

  7. Present tense and third person pronouns

    Do not forget to use third person pronouns and always write in present tense.

  8. No plagiarism policy

    Make sure your work is original. If you are quoting something make sure to give an in text citation.

  9. Formatting and Proof reading

    Your essay needs formatting and proof reading before final submission.

Good luck

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