Writing Ideas For A Compare and Contrast Essay

A common trend in writing assignments for High School students is to ask students to compare and contrast two different ideas. We often see this is English Literature writing where students are supposed to read a book or novel and then compare and contrast two differing characters or ideas included in the narrative. Another compares and contrast in English is to compare the books story to a modern day current event or phenomenon. For instance students may be asked to read a book like Great Expectations and write about similarities to their own lives that they have found in the book.

Tricks and Tips for Writing A Compare and Contrast Essay

If you find yourself stuck on a compare and contrast writing assignment we have some tips and tricks that may help you out. Below, we have listed some great strategies that will help you tackle an assignment of this nature.

Look at specific examples and then make specific comparisons.

Many students make the error of being too general when working on a compare and contrast essay. Avoid this by looking at specifics in both differences and similarities.

Consider the context

Another way to make comparing and contrasting writing easier to do is to take into consideration the context in which the subject matter was written. For instance if you are studying a book that was written in 1960, try to imagine how that book would be written differently in a modern time. This may provide you with inspiration for your comparisons.

Try to find common trends

The best way to discover how two ideas, or characters are different is by looking at how they are the same. If you are approaching your paper by contrasting how two things are different you may also want to examine how they are the same. You can expand on this by looking for trends in the themes being discussed.

At first, comparing and contrasting essays may appear to be extremely challenging. However, if you follow this advice you will have an easier time identifying the distinct similarities and differences that you are expected to write about. Remember, that as long as you can find strong examples to work with there is no right or wrong answer. Focus on structuring your essay properly with good research points if you wish to get a fantastic grade evaluation.

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