Disadvantages of Online Essays Writing Services

Online writing services have become extremely popular with today's high school and college students. Now that it is nearly impossible for students to find free essays because teachers and professors can check for plagiarism, many students have realized that buying an essay is worth the money. Even though paying for an essay sounds like an easy and inexpensive way to avoid having to write an essay, using an essay writing service has many disadvantages. Here are a few:


Essay writing services are designed to offer easy opportunities for students to cheat. This means the nature of the business is unethical from the start. If you order an essay, how do you know the essay will be unique? How do you know you are going to get one at all? How do you know you have picked the best site? Since the business is geared toward cheating, it is appropriate for you to question the business's honesty.


Many essay writing services claim to only hire the best writers. You could ask for the writer's credentials, but you might not get anything at all. Your writer could be a high school kid who is looking for a job. You might get someone who is working on a Master's degree in writing. You just do not know what you are going to get.


Writing companies makes many promises. They promise free revisions. They promise that they only hire native speakers. They promise that their essays are all 100% unique. But, how easy would it be to sell the same essays over and over again? Native English speaking workers are more expensive to pay that those who are not native speakers. Since writing sites sell essays to students who do not like to write, it is safe to say that many of those student would not even recognize an essay written by a non-native speaker.


If you purchase an essay and turn it in as your own, you could potentially destroy your academic reputation. Since essay writing companies are not regulated and they are unethical, there are so many possible bad situations that could happen. You could fail a class. You could be expelled from college, without any financial reimbursement. You could lose out on a job opportunity.

If you still want to buy an essay from an online service, do your homework and find out which ones are legitimate. In order to avoid any of these potential problems, you could just write your own essay.

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