Tip of the Day: How to Do My Essay in an Hour

Writing an essay is an interesting task if the student has passion for the topic and is good at written communication. People who struggle with writing assignments will find it hard to write an essay. However, with enough practice and skill anyone can create a winning essay. There is no rocket science or complexity involved in writing an essay. All you need to do is understand the purpose and format of your essay and the topic you are going to write about. Typically, all essays have the same format. An essay begins with an introduction, followed by the body paragraphs and ends at a conclusion. Now if you have an hour to do all these things you need to divide your time carefully.

  • Remember that the essay is not only about writing these down. The writing is a phase in the essay writing process not entire of it. This might take 20 minutes in total. The rest will be proof reading and editing which may take around 10 minutes or so. The most important part of the essay writing process is the research, topic selection and creating an outline. This is included in the pre-writing phase and is the most critical step in your writing process. You need to plan the entire essay very carefully, so that you can create your outline, write the draft, and even have enough time to do the editing and proof reading.
  • The first thing you should do is think of a topic. If you have the topic already and assigned by the teacher, you will save some time. You can quickly brainstorm for topic ideas and choose the best one from that. Think of three or four major arguments that you can develop under this topic. Make sure the arguments you develop must be supported by strong evidence. You need to include relevant and valid data to develop a strong essay. You can also include relevant and concrete examples to make the paper relatable for your readers. Once you have the rough sketch you can create your outline and move to the writing phase.
  • During the writing phase, you need to pen down everything you included in your outline. This is going to be easy and quick as you already have everything for your paper.
  • Summarize your essay on a clear note to impress your readers.

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