Writing a Basic Essay for Your English Class

English teachers love to assign essays. It does not matter if you are in a middle school English class or a collegiate course, if you are taking an English class, you will write in that class. While English teachers work hard to create interesting topics that students have to write on their own, the actual format of the English class essay generally stays the same. Once your learn the basic essay format for English class, you can write about anything and everything.

Five Paragraph Essays

The typical English class essay should have at least five paragraphs. This "five paragraph essay" is the hallmark of the essay writing world. As you move into higher level English classes, you will still follow the five-paragraph style, but you will have several more paragraphs and pages. The typical English class essay always begins with an introductory paragraph, then is followed by several body paragraphs, and ended with the conclusion. This essay type has 1 introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and 1 conclusion. When you write longer essays, you simply add more paragraphs into that template.

Introduction Paragraph

The introductory paragraph should be several sentences in length. The first few sentences should be the hook of the paper and should try to get the reader's attention. There are several techniques that writers can use, like beginning with a series of questions, an interesting statistic, or an anecdote. The next section of the paragraph is the bridge that connects the hook to the claim. The last sentence of the paragraph should always be the claim.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs also should follow a style. The first sentence should be the topic sentence or the point of the paragraph. It should connect back to the claim. The rest of the sentences should support the topic sentence. They should include evidence and explanations so the reader can fully understand what you are arguing and what you are using to support your argument. The last sentence should tie that one body paragraph together. Each body paragraph should be written in the same way.

Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion also has a formula. The first sentence should restate the claim in a new way. The middle sentences should restate the main ideas of the body paragraphs. The last sentence should reconnect back to the hook. The conclusion is like a mirrored image of the introduction paragraph.

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