Help with English Writing: Avoiding Spelling Mistakes

Whenever you have a paper or writing assignment or indeed any assignment at all due in English you need to make sure that all of your words are spelled correctly. Most teachers will shave points off for each misspelled word that they find. In order to get the best score possible then you need to be extra careful with your spelling.

Many students complain that spelling is so difficult because of more than one word having similar spelling or meaning. In fact many complain that words generally do not follow any sort of rules for spelling. The fact is that only 400 words in the English language do not follow any sort of "spelling rule".

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing.

  • I before e except after c. You should have learned that in grade school. However, if I and e together make the long a sound then e comes first as in the words heir and weight.
  • If there is a word that has a silent e on the end as in the word bike, when adding a suffix that starts with a vowel, drop the e as in biking. However, if that suffix starts with a consonant then the e stands as in bikers.
  • When a word ends with the letter y and there is a consonant just before it, when adding a suffix change the y to an i. For example: sky = skies. If the word ends in a vowel and then a consonant, when you add a suffix then you need to double the consonant. For example: plummet = plummeting
  • Keeping all of those things in mind, use your spell check program too but do not solely rely on that. Spell check programs are really funky sometimes (especially with Word) and they can catch things that are correct and want you to change them to things that do not even make sense. For example: your and you're. Word spell check constantly wants you to change those two words and invariably to the wrong form. It is bad with is and are too.
  • Read through your essay after you spell check it. Look for spelling and grammatical errors. If you do not trust yourself to catch these things then have a friend look over it for you.

By remembering the rules of spelling and doing the few things that are listed here you can be sure that your English writing will consistently see better scores and those better scores will be directly related to you spelling the words correctly. It is not difficult to do at all and if you take your time and keep practicing, you will make a habit of it.

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