COIN: Strategy without tactics, tactics without strategy, or a new home brew?

The publication of the piece by Gentile, A Strategy of Tactics, was published in the year 2009, where a lot of things concerning the military have changed. This is when Obama had the operation in the Middle East officially called "Overseas Contingency Operations" instead of "Global War on Terror". The name change was supposed to promote human rights as well as justify, on some level, preventive war. This new COIN strategy reflects the change in name, and the tactic behind it has a very humanistic approach.

The tactic is quite questionable as it did fail in Iraq. Though, the model was successful in a couple of counties, it does not necessarily mean that the American military can accomplish it with the same ease. Culture and other things have to, of course, be taken into consideration. However, the failure of this strategy in Vietnam was said to have been because of poor training. Right now, there is ample training when it comes to the military. There is no need to gather all young men aged sixteen or older to enlist, there is currently no shortage of recruits.

The training given before sending troops out is immense and there is enough of it to be able to fully support COIN. The tactics behind it, being humanistic follows the trend in the world right now. This trend is in regards to the oneness of different cultures, when it comes to cultural diversity and awareness. You could say that this tactic has evolved to fit this day and age more. This concept is still being seen in the Middle East, tactics has not changed drastically since this piece was released. Nation building and being population centric is something that the military, along with a number of businesses are getting into. The military tactic or COIN strategy does not stray far from cause campaigns. The big change seen is from the strategy now from the objectives George Bush laid out.

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