Essays For Dummies: Starting Your Own Writing

Let's be completely honest, not everyone is a genius writer or the next Charles Dickens. In fact when it comes to academic essay writing, despite the best efforts of their middle school and elementary english instructors some students still stink at creating engaging compositions and composing original essays.

That said, even if writing is not your strong suit, you can still learn some techniques that will make it easier to "fake-it" once you get to High School or Post Secondary. The bad news is that high education requires A LOT of writing, and it is very important that students learn how to properly structure small and large scale compositions before they get to College or University. We've composed a bit of a cheat sheet here for you to use to help you get started with your own writing. If you follow these rules every time, you will soon be a little bit more skilled at creating an interesting essay and will get better grades on your writing assignments, we promise.

How To Get Started Writing Your Essay

  1. Brainstorming quickly

    If you do not have an idea for your essay you are going to want to start by doing a few brainstorming exercises to get the juices flowing. Try writing down the assignment topic and then creating a list of things that come to mind when you consider the question or issue at hand. Keep listing ideas as they come to mind, and do not worry too much about whether or not they are related. Instead focus on creating a list of things to consider, or potential essay ideas.

  2. Narrow It Down

    When it comes to getting started on your essay, there are good ideas and bad ideas. Use your brainstorm list and narrow it down to 3 solid potential essay concepts.

  3. Do Some Preliminary Research

    Thankfully innovations like the internet have made the preliminary research process a lot easier, take some time to Google search each of these 3 potential essay concepts and figure out which one has the best evidence and resources available for you to use. Make sure that their is enough material to support a thesis, and strong enough expert resources that you can cite for your paper.

  4. Choose The Best One

    Based on this preliminary research of the potential topics, choose the best one and begin to form your Thesis. Once you have already looked at some resources and examined some different angles the Thesis writing process should be easier. If you can't think of your own thesis, use one of the strongest resources that you found and try to reword their overall point of view in your own words. Remember, as long as there is enough evidence to support 3 defending paragraphs then you are on the right track.

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