How To Write A Rough Draft Of A College Research Paper

A rough draft is basically a general idea of what your essay will look like when it is completed. At this stage you are just writing your notes and data into sentences and paragraphs. You are not trying to make the content perfect, but you are considering where certain pieces of information will appear in order to help form your overall message. The following points can help you understand how to put your rough draft together. Think about your topic and write notes on things you may want to mention. These notes you may refer to when you get ready to write your draft.

  • Gather notes you wrote on your topic (or your outline). This is what your rough draft will be based on. If you have taken enough notes to present a basic idea for your topic, this is where you bring them together and prepare to polish the content. If you have an outline this makes the process even easier since outlines help you organize and note your topic.

  • Get an idea of what you want to write and where it should appear. Your rough draft does not have to be perfect but it will help you write your final draft. Here you will pay closer attention to how content is written and how your message will come across to readers. Details you collected from research along with raw ideas of your own begin to come together on paper.

  • Begin to write your notes into paragraphs and sentences. Take your important points and begin to review where they should appear on the page. Your outline may have your points already appearing under certain sections and this is fine. You just need to provide clarity on how they tie together. Each paragraph may have one point it explains and each paragraph should transition well into the next.

  • After writing go back over your content to make necessary changes. You should not expect your rough draft to be perfect when you finish it. Just view this opportunity as a way to help you put your details into place. Once you have done so you will go back over your content and make necessary changes. This is where you begin to polish your content. Check for misspelled words, grammar errors, and punctuation. Revise sentences and if necessary, move sentences and paragraphs around to make logic sense.

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