Interesting Topic Solutions for an Argumentative Essay

There are various types of essays, and one favorite by far is the argumentative essay. This is because the writer gets too really explore a topic and show why their viewpoint should be voiced and why. The author must investigate the topic and show evidence of the position that they have taken. It's one of the more enjoyable assignments that a teacher can give to their students.

But this type of assignment can come with some problems when it comes to the topic. One problem can be having a topic that the student feels strongly about that they can write about, without being a topic that is overdone. A teacher or reader can only read so many essay arguing the same topic so many times.

Other problems include not having enough information of the topic or even having too much. That a student will bombard their reader with so much information that it's hard to follow. There are some simple solutions to these problems.

Topic Solutions:

  • One way a student can avoid this is to simplify the scale of the topic. They should only look at the part of the topic they want to look at. If the topic is broad like politics, then the student should just look at one person and their views on one or two points that they act on.
  • A student can find a new way of looking at an old subject. Instead of looking at the colors of the rainbow, the student could study the shape. Obviously this is a silly example, but it shows the point of a new perspective of an old and well known topic.
  • Argue something silly. This is a risk. If the teacher seems like the type who will appreciate the time and effort of a silly subject, go for it. Just make it flawless. This will be an interesting topic and fun.

Some topic solutions to the plain Jane average topics will be helpful for the argumentative essays. Having fun with school work isn't always the best solution, but it can be a great solution when it comes to the topic. Because if the topic is fun, then the student /writer will have a better time working on the piece.

For student who need to have an interesting topic, they can just narrow their thoughts down, using these solutions. They can find a way to make their argumentative essay have a spunk and pizazz that a teacher will appreciate.

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