Creating An Outstanding Essay In 3 Hours

Does writing a quality essay take you a long time? Many students waste precious hours slaving over their writing assignment only to get a mediocre grade. How can it be that essay assignment that took you over 12 hours to write gets a poor evaluation when some of your peers write something up in under 3 hours and get an "A+" every time?

The truth about essay writing is that it subjective to the writer's ability to compose a properly formatted paper. Instructors, grade more importantly structure, grammar and composition, not just ideas. Even if you have a fantastic essay full of great insights and interesting research examples you will not get a high grade if your paper is not written in a formal structure. This is why we recommend that students focus on following a format and outline when they write their essay. Instead of getting caught up in including quality content, just make sure that your essay is written "well". This is 100% more likely to get you a better grade AND it takes much less time too!

Hour 1- Research And Outlining

Start with researching and outlining your essay. Come up with an idea that accurately responds to the essay question and has a lot of easy to find supporting research that you can use to defend your points. Try to find 3 easy to verify research examples to use in your essay. Compose your thesis so that it includes all three of these points. Now, lay out an outline for your essay, ordering your research from "strongest" to "weakest" based on the strength of the argument.

Hour 2- Write Your Essay

From this outline begins to write your essay. Because you took the time to write in all of your research points all you need to is turn your examples into full sentences. Make sure that you re-write your examples using your own words. Properly cite your sources as you go (hopefully you wrote down your resource material while you were composing your outline). Now, conclude your essay by summarizing the ideas and once again re-writing the research points using your own words.

Hour 3- Proofreading and Editing

Before you hand your paper in, double check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Go back and double check that you have properly cited your sources and research materials. Remove any sentences that do not feel as if they belong and try to "trim the fat" of your paper by taking out any extra content that does not satisfy your thesis. Run your paper through a copyscape program to make sure that it comes out as original content.

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