College Essay Writer: Selecting Your Regular Assistant

Are you in the market for a regular writing tutor or assistant? There are many factors to take into account before beginning such a potentially long-term working arrangement. You need to make sure the writer you select is reliable, efficient, capable of producing work that meets your standards, and has a personality that is compatible with your own work style. Ensure these few crucial factors and you will be rewarded with a consistent source of essay writing help.


Make sure you select an essay writer or tutor who has a longstanding reputation of being reliable and timely in their work. Find previous reviews of the writer's work, or ask to contact the writer's references. If you use a writing service that posts writer's profiles and previous work, you should have a good sense of if they are a reliable, experience professional, because there will be public reviews and a public record of their prior freelance tasks. If this information is not available due to the manner in which you are hiring your assistant, ask him or her for a resume with references, and contact a few previous clients and ask about the writer's dependability.


A good writer is not only consistent, but consistently rapid in their turn around. Work with a writer if he or she can promise you a certain turn around period for their assigned tasks, and only stick with the writer if they actually stay on track. If possible, use an escrow service or have the writer sign a contract with a deadline; this will protect your money in the event that the writer does not complete the tasks on time. If you have trouble with a writer's efficiency, seek someone else to work with.

Quality Work

You should select a writer who has positive reviews (or who can point you to positive references), of course, but you should also verify your writer's quality yourself it at all possible. Before hiring a writer, ask to read sample work, and evaluate it very closely for quality, formatting, and style. Do not accept sloppy or un-edited work. After you have given a writer a task, review their final product and compare it to your assignment's rubric or syllabus. Ask yourself if the paper your writer has produced is up to snuff. Does it meet all the assignment criteria? If anything seems amiss, find a new writing assistant.

Personality/Work Style

If all of the above criteria are met, you're probably in good shape! But if you're having trouble choosing between several similarly experience candidates, select the one you have the most ease communicating with. The more similar you are to your writer in terms of personality and work style, the more likely you are to forge a long-term work relationship.

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