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When you have to write an essay for a college class, regardless of the class or subject matter, there are several key points you will want to keep in mind. Finding topics that will help you write a good paper and that will also help your intended reader- usually your professor- understand and accept your view and idea is the biggest struggle you will face. The temptation may be there to choose a topic that is edgy, ethical, emotional, or highly opinionated. That might not be the best way to approach the paper. To get the best paper, try to follow these tips:

  1. Don't be offensive. College is a place where students feel hip and cool and feel like they are taking on the world, and that is fine. But be careful you do not overstep the bounds and it is generally advisable to avoid writing on topics of faith, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or politics.
  2. Avoid politics. You might be passionate and a strong supporter of a Democratic view but if your instructor of other intended readers are strong conservatives this can sabotage your paper before it even starts.
  3. Don't be negative. There can be negative aspects to your topic- hunger or homelessness- but make sure the bulk of your paper focuses on positive things that can be done to remedy the problem- food banks, community support, and the like.
  4. Watch out for overshare. There are some things that your instructor and readers do not need, or want, to know. Be sure to use discretion when talking about events in your life or persona stories.
  5. Don't talk trash about someone or something. You're trying to make your reader agree with your ideas and thoughts or at least tolerate them. If you talk trash, you can really out off your reader and kill your message.
  6. Don't be "too creative."Your instructor wants to see your skills as a writer but unless it is a creative writing class, try to avoid language that is overly flowery and creative. Stick to the points and use the writing methods and tactics to convey your message.
  7. Remember what you learned in basic English. Check for the basic English grammar points, double check for spelling and grammar errors, write in the proper layout and paragraph form, and use professional and academic languages- don't use profanity or slang.

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