Creating a Well Written Five Paragraph Essay on Le Rouge et le Noir

They say literature is the mirror of the time it is born in, and it is true of Stendhal's epic creation, Le Rouge Et lе Noir, also known in the English Language as, The Red and The Black. One of the most important creations of its time. It is the story of Julien Sorel, who wishes to climb the ladder of social importance in nineteenth century France despite his humble upbringing. Having been classified as a masterpiece, the book is a favorite among academics, and it is not unusual for students to pick it up as the topic for their thesis or essay. Thus, here are some tips for those who want to explore Julien's world through their words.

The conflict between the Army and the Church

  • This is a direct reference to the book's title, which literally juxtaposes the colors of the Army (red) and that of the church (black).
  • Those who have read the book will understand how this refers to Julien's own intellectual war between the clergy and the secular parts of the society that he so craves to be a part of. This will make for a great topic for an essay and open doors to explore the happenings of the times around which the book was published.

Character sketch

  • When writing an essay on this novel, describing the protagonist will be the best thing to do in your first body paragraph. Julien, in many ways, is the exemplification of the common man, who toils himself into the ground but hopes nonetheless to rise to the upper echelons of the society.

What to do for the topic

  • Since The Red and The Black is a vast and complex work, you may want to spend time on choosing your topic. One of the best ways to start your essay can be to compare Julien with other similar characters from French literature, such as Manon Lescaut and Georges du Roy. This should set the mood for your essay and give you a creative as well as a dominating head start.
  • You can also reflect on how Julien's character and the plot of the story, coupled with the times it was written and published in goes directly with the thought that art is always a portrait of the times it is made in, and that it reflects the ideals and behavior of the people who surrounded it when it was written.
  • Ideas like these and many others should get your creative juices flowing and give you the perfect essay on this book.

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