5 step to writing an essay: using examples

One way to save some time when writing an academic essay is by working from samples. When you find a quality sample, you can use it to model your own paper after. Basically, by re-writing the essay in your own words you can save many hours that you would of spent writing. We've included a 5 step process for writing an original essay from an example paper.

  1. Find A High Quality Example Essay To Work From
    This is the most important step, finding a quality essay that has everything that you need already in it. If you cannot find a good example on your topic online you may have to commission one from an essay writing service.
  2. Compose An Outline From The Example Essay
    To assure that your essay is original you are going to want to work from an outline. Carefully re-read the essay example and list out the most important points. Be sure to identify the thesis and supporting evidence. Try to compose your outline using your "own words". Remember: even though you are working from a paper that someone else has written the final copy that you hand in should be unique to you.
  3. Look For Some Original Sources To Include In Your Paper
    Now that you have your essay outline laid out, it is a good idea to look for some original sources to support your evidence and thesis. You do not want to use the exact same sources as the original writer because it may look suspicious.
  4. Rewrite The Essay Using Your Own Words
    Now you need to rewrite the essay using your own words. Try to make sure that you use different vocabulary and language than the original author. It is all advisable that you organize your main supporting points slightly different so that the paper reads differently than the essay example that you have worked from.
  5. Copy-scape Your Own Paper!
    To assure that your paper is 100% original take the time to run it through an online copy-scape software program before you hand it in. This will let you know if your paper needs any tweaking because it is too similar to the original. If everything comes back okay, proofread, edit and hand your paper in!

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