Coming Up With Fresh Science Fair Project Research Paper Ideas

Science fair is a brilliant blend of scientific experiment and theory. The experiment is of course done on a theory and is conducted to lend gravity to the theory. Many research paper ideas sprout out of science fair projects.

Spaces to look into

You can choose several aspects of life. It may be a disease, the ecology, human inclinations; patterns, models, behavior. It may actually be a test of mathematical treatise or scientific take on foundations. Here are a few exciting ideas in this respect -

  1. Evaluate the longevity of box houses. Will the human mindset grow out of this constricted setup? - This will require due analysis of the concurrent human psyche. This will also provide alternate systems of house construction.
  2. What effect does our vision have in accepting or denouncing an object (food, cloth and so on)? - We are all visual animals. The research would be to assess just how visual we are.
  3. A study on the sustenance of abnormal growth of certain species - Some species grow at an alarming rate. Will they be able to sustain the abnormal growth?
  4. Evaluate the origins and spread of ebola - Ebola has come across as infinite terror. The research paper would be a dissection of the disease.
  5. Assess perfect energy efficiency models - Energy efficiency is a prominent present demand. Let's bring out the best models.
  6. Find out the most efficient house designs for Bushfire-prone areas (e.g. Northern Sydney) - People living in Bushfire-prone areas face continual threats of getting engulfed in fire. Let's assess how they should design their homes to ensure security.
  7. Work on the cheapest way to acquire vehicle fuels - This is a pertinent question in today's times. The research paper would be an eye opener, showing a reasonably priced sustainable way to acquire fuel.
  8. What is the best idea for lights for plant growth? - Plants in greenhouses may or may not grow optimally because of the lights ushered. The research paper would be a commentary on types of grow lights.
  9. Assess the factors which enhance the effects of running shoes - The running shoes score on buoyancy, suspension, ergonomics, comfort and several other factors. Let's assess.
  10. Find sustainable patterns for human lives in jungles - Humans used to live in jungles in Bronze Age. The research paper would find out patterns which allow simultaneous living of humans and animals in jungle-like atmosphere. This requires in-depth survey and analysis.

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