Purchasing A Custom-Written Essay: Setting Deadlines

Instead of writing an essay on their own, more and more college students are turning their needs to writing companies to handle this assignment. Students use these services for a variety of reasons, including a lack of time to handle the enormous assignment and the desire to want to make a better grade than what they feel could be attained.

What's the Deadline?

When using a writing service there are a number of things that must be taken into account to ensure a smooth transaction. Among those things are the deadlines. Setting the deadline accordingly is important, and this is one of the first questions that any writing service is hoping to ask you. One reason is that they want to ensure that it is returned, and another is because this time frame affects the cost.

Never assume that getting the essay back the day before it is due to be turned in is acceptable. Once this paper has been returned it needs to be proofread, checked for plagiarism and edited if any changes or revisions are needed. This means the paper may need to go back to the writing company.

Is One Week really Enough?

It is safe to say that a minimum of one week should be given prior to the essay submission date, and if it can be more than this, go for it. So, when making arrangements for an essay, set the deadline for a minimum of one week before submission. This will give the time to make changes and to check the paper for accuracy before it is submitted to the professor.

A rushed and hurried paper is easy to spot and it is usually a paper that fails to provide complete thoughts and ideas on a matter. This can ruin the essay and cause a lower grade than what has been expected. Even with the use of a writing service this scenario can take place if the time is not allotted to make the checks of the paper and resubmit if need be.

So, a paper with a submission date of March 25 should be received back from the writing company no later than march 18. And if there is more time available, take advantage of it just in case a second set of revisions are required.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry so make sure the paper deadline is set accordingly. It is just that simple.

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