Structuring tutorial on how to write a cover page for a paper

Writing a cover page for a paper is an easy task if you are familiar with the basics. If the paper has a good cover then it will make a good impression on the reader and he will want to see more. The cover page should be well formatted which should represent your paper as organized. If your instructor asks you to follow a certain format then you must use the one he has specified. If the format type is not specified then you can either use MLA or APA style. The APA style is used for psychology papers and research papers.

Below you will find all the necessary details to format a cover page for your paper. The elements of a title page are:

  • The title of the article
  • The name of the author
  • The affiliated school of the author
  • The name of the instructor
  • The page numbering
  • The title of a cover page

The most time consuming and demanding part of the cover writing is selecting a good topic for your paper. A title or topic is the first thing a reader will analyze in your paper. You have to make it engaging and interesting so that you can develop interest of the reader. You can either select a broad topic or narrow it down according to your requirements. Alternatively, you can simply select a filtered version and move forward with it.

After writing down the title for your cover, you will have to follow a few simple directions

  1. All the pages in your paper must have a page number. The location of this number differs in different formats. In APA style, it is included on the upper left corner
  2. The starting of your cover page should have a line or a running header that is aligned to left.
  3. The paper must have double spacing and your title and name should appear in the center

Revising your cover page

Once you have written the page and composed, your cover of the paper be sure to revise it.

  1. Make sure the paper has a title and your name, the school you are affiliated to, the number of the page and a running header.
  2. Another important thing to know is that the title of your paper is clear, bold, and precise
  3. Is the running head of your paper shorter than fifty characters?
  4. Is the running header written in upper case?

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