A Few Fresh Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are fairly easy to write, but thinking of a topic is not always easy. This article will give a few fresh ideas that most students do not think about when writing their essays. These topics will fall under the categories of food, school problems, and even social media.

Food Topics

Many of you probably have not thought of writing about food for your major essay assignment because you were thinking it's just food, right? Well, you are kind of right. Food is something that is on the mind at least three times a day. Yeah, you may only think about food in terms of what should I eat right now, but there are other ways to think about food. Some of these ways can include:

  • Should the average day include three meals like scientists have been saying for years?
  • Should companies be required to put down how the food was made on labels next to the ingredients?
  • Is vegetarianism really a good thing?

School Problems

Yeah, this kind of goes along with the food category, but there is so much more to it than just sitting in a room and (hopefully) learning. Of course, everyone knows that they should be respectful, not chew gum (some college instructors are lenient on this), and keeping your cell phones off, but have you thought about these kinds of problems:

  • Should students in college be able to dictate their classes more?
  • Is it really beneficial for students to work in groups?
  • Should you be able to choose if you want to go to school at age 16?

Social Media

Everybody is familiar with the different types of social media. There is Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may want to think about the different things that social media is doing to the population as a whole. There are definitely good and bad things about social media, and it is up to you to try to convince others to see it from your perspective.

  • Is Facebook really bringing people together?
  • Does social media hurt or help your chances at getting a job?
  • Can you really be friends with your instructors on a networking site such as Facebook?


All of these topics are suitable for the average persuasive essay topic guidelines. You just need to decide on one (or a variation of one) and start writing! Of course, there are other kinds of topics available such as etiquette rules (does having a set way to put your silverware really helping?) and even memes (are meme's ruining society as we know it?). No matter what you choose, the essay topic that best represents you will have a bigger impact on those reading it.

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