Crafting Winning Persuasive Topics For College

There are probably many winning persuasive topics for college. What would a persuasive topic consist of? In order to persuade the reader, the student must be persuaded himself/herself. A topic would have to be of significance to the student. So much so, that he/she would believe that it would be of significance to the reader. He/she can select something of personal interest, something that has been aired on the media, one or some political events, a human-interest topic, or one of many, many other subjects. In addition to selecting a winning topic, the student would have to write in such a way as to persuade the reader that the subject is significant. The student would have to convince the reader of the importance, the pertinence, the righteousness of the cause or issue that he is discussing.

The writer has selected several subjects to discuss. Among them are:

  • Counter Culture
  • Crime
  • Death
  • Ethnicity
  • Family
  • Freedom
  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Mental Illness
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Poverty

Counter Culture

The counter culture became pronounced in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies. Young people began to drop out of society and participate in lifestyles that were non middle class; possibly hippie oriented lifestyles that included the use of drugs, freedom of sex, a more casual style of dress, long hair for the males, large afro's or naturals for the African Americans, homosexuality, etc. The counter culture of the nineteen sixties, and nineteen seventies (the baby boomers) have become the establishment of today. Many of the ideologies and practices that were common to the young people of that time have been and are being inculcated in our lifestyles today.


Crime is most often a problem in large urban areas. It more frequently occurs in low-income neighborhoods where education is at a premium. In fact, in areas where there is a high H.S. drop out level, crime is more predominant. All factors of the American lifestyle are affected by crime. In fact it is when the American lifestyle is deprecated that crime most frequently occurs. It may be conjectured that crime is a consequence of poverty. When people simply do not have the resources, they resort to desperate means to get them. Drugs also are a predicating factor. Drug use predominates in low-income areas. It is like a vicious cycle. The lower the income, the greater the drug use. The greater the drug use, the more desperate the people become. The more desperate they become, the higher the crime rate.

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