Selecting Catchy Synthesis Essay Topics: Tips And Examples

Choosing the right topic for your essay makes it easy to write and eventually better. Selecting a topic is always the best thing in writing. However, you do not have the liberty to select a topic. This does not mean that your options are limited. Following the tips given below will make your work of selecting an excellent topic easier.

  1. Look at your area of interest- passion makes you a better communicator in your area of choice. A person whose passion is in football would write a better essay on marketing in football than in automobile. Topics that would fit different interests include
    • Sports- Celebrities should be genuine when endorsing products for the sake of their fans
    • Politics and Media- The media does not give the real image of politicians leading to bad choices
    • Religion- Major world religions can play a greater role in ensuring social justice
    • Lifestyle- Celebrities are a bad example in terms of relationships
  2. Be specific- each discipline has several areas of study which presents multiple options. Narrowing down to a particular area makes it more interesting. It gives you a specific area to cover and an opportunity to exhaustively address the issues. Examples of specific essay topics
    • Technology- Are Smart-phones making people more social?
    • Education- Does early childhood education determine future performance and potential?
    • Environment- Is environmental degradation the price to pay for development?
    • Productivity- Do computers make people more creative?
  3. Find an exciting approach- many of the areas you are thinking about have been studied for years. It would therefore be boring to write on a topic that has been studied time and again. The secret is in identifying a unique way to approach an old topic such that it looks new. This will capture the attention of anyone reading your essay. Examples of unique approaches in writing
    • Nutrition- Excess weight is not as demonic as portrayed
    • Social Media- Social media is making people more lonely
    • Wealth- Higher education does not make you any wealthier
  4. Do not think too far- A catchy essay topic does not necessarily come from extraordinary thinking. Even ordinary subjects and words can create an exciting topic and still earn you excellent marks. Think about your daily encounters, immediate surrounding and ordinary thoughts. Examples of ordinary topics
    • School- Examinations do not give the actual ability of the student
    • Parenting- Parents should take their off during school breaks
    • Business- Food companies are responsible of obesity more than the victims
    • Religion- Worship should be more fun

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