How To Write An MLA Format Outline For A Research Paper

An outline is a great way to keep information neat and organized prior to writing a research paper. Some classes do not require an outline for a research paper; however, the benefits of creating one can help you writer a neat and organized paper. The information can be organized in a way it is not confusing, or does not make sense. Here, we will discuss how to create an MLA formatted outline for a research paper.

Steps to creating an MLA format outline

  • Style
  • Thesis
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion
  • References

The organization of an outline can be formatted in a few different ways; for the MLA research paper, it is best to use roman numerals and capital letters as your style. Begin by placing a running header with the page number; make sure this is a roman numeral. To start the outline information, state your thesis clearly so it can be understood. The outline should be parallel so ensure your thesis information is in this style. The main body should consist of three main points with supporting evidence to support your thesis.

Roman numerals will depict your supporting evidence and capital letters will elaborate on those. The style should be staggered so you can tell which point goes to what statement.

Remember, outlines are only the basics of the information so ensure each paragraph is staggered properly. Supporting evidence should go first and elaboration underneath. The conclusion should give a strong sense of the thesis and supporting evidence. Restate your thesis and the points you are using to support your thesis. The idea of the conclusion is to provide a brief summary of the information you have just covered. On a separate page, include the references for the resources you got the information from. Citations are important in any style of research paper; be sure to include an in-text citation with each supporting statement in the outline.

An outline is a great way to organize information gathered for a research paper. By creating an outline, you can get a general idea of what the finished paper will look like in the end. Using the proper style and staggering your evidence properly in an outline can help you determine if a supporting statement has enough credible information or not. The MLA format provides where the information came from so the proper references are made within the paper.

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