Writing An Introduction For A Research Paper

Your introduction is one of the most important and challenging pieces of a research paper project. The introduction, which should take up approximately the first half of the first page, is a thorough summary of the paper and it's topics. Within your introduction you should also include your thesis as well as hypothesis and a listing of your research methods. Typically you will want to begin with a few supporting sentences and conclude by explaining your purposes for writing. Often, when composing an introduction you also want to "set a tone" or "establish an atmosphere" for the paper. This is how you let the reader know what they can expect to find in the rest of the composition and encourage them to keep writing.

How To Write A research Paper Introduction

  1. Begin your paper with an opening paragraph that includes a few sentences that identify your topic choice. This way you will give the reader an idea about what the research paper is about.
  2. Place within your introduction your Thesis statement and Hypothesis; Try to make your paper's objective clear and easy to understand.
  3. Continue to complete your introduction but introducing the major points that you will touch on within your paper that will be supported with evidence that you have found in your research.
  4. Try to include some unique "starters" into your introduction that will grab the attention of your reader. Including anecdotes, statistics, or news can make your introduction a bit more attractive.
  5. Re-read what you have written down and consider critically if any pieces can be excluded or if anything important is missing. Once you entire paper is done your introduction and conclusion should compliment one another.

Learning how to write a great introduction for your research assignment requires an understanding of the entire research paper writing process. It is important that the author has a good idea and outline for their entire composition before writing the introduction so that they can make sure that everything is included. It is a good idea to read and edit your introduction as a stand-alone piece and as part of your finished draft to make sure that the entire paper makes sense all together.

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