What skills do you need to write an evaluative essay?

An evaluative essay is a persuasive essay, but with a particular focus on pros and cons. Students will write their evaluative essays about an event, a process, or a creation. In order to write a successful evaluative essay, students need a few useful academic skills.

You will need to know how to read. Many evaluative essays are created based on reading about a subject. Whether that subject is about an event, a book, or a process, you will need to be able to read at an academically appropriate level so you can evaluate the subject using the words presented in the topical articles.

You will need to have an evaluative eye. This means that you can look at the required subject to see whether the subject is good or bad, useful or not. Many students need to develop their eyes, so they can see the qualities of the subject they are evaluating. The ability to see details and notice what those details do to the subject is necessary to properly evaluate the subject and all it has to offer.

You will need to be able to write persuasively. Your evaluative essay will need to persuade the reader that your evaluation is correct. If you are not able to write an essay following the persuasive format, you will have difficulty focusing that essay on the evaluation. You will need to write a hook and introduction with a specialized claim. You will also need to be able to write strong body paragraphs that feature the pros and cons to the subject you are evaluating. You will also need to write a conclusion that restates the topic and the main points.

You will need to know how to edit and revise. When you write an essay of any sort, you should have some editing and revising skills. Even if you are not an expert at editing and revising, you should be able to use an online editing site that will suggest appropriate edits. You should also be able to decide whether or not to make the revisions that those sites suggest to you.

You will need to know how to type your evaluative essay. Sadly, there are many students who are unable to use a computer to successfully type their essays. Knowing how to type of a keyboard is vital to academic success in today's computer-dominated world.

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