Starting A Narrative Essay: 10 Helpful Suggestions

Starting a narrative essay should never be a problem for you. After all, you are basically telling a story, and at this educational level you should not have a problem doing this. When you are writing a narrative, the following are some of the most useful suggestions that should help you have a good paper to present:

Have an emotional impact on the reader

The main reason why you are writing this essay is to appeal to the reader. Therefore you need to make sure that when you are putting it down on paper, it appeals to them in one way or the other. A sentimental piece will be a good option.


Your work has to be referenced, though you need not put in so much referencing. Many experts advise that when you use too much referencing, it becomes disruptive to the work you are doing.

Sensory perceptions and emotions

In a bid to make sure that you appeal to the sentiments of the reader, you have to ensure that you use strong emotions and perceptions in the paper.

Vivid imagery and details

Imagery and details that are used in the paper have to be vivid so that you can catch the attention of the reader so fast.

Clarity (avoid complex words)

Do not make the mistake of using words or phrases that are overly complex. This will make it feel as though you are talking down on the reader.

Do not be overly descriptive

In as much as you will want to make things clear, do not go into so much detail with the narration. Try and keep things simple so that you do not lose the plot.

Desist from second person narration

Second person narration is something that you should not do in this paper, unless it is necessary in a particular context.

Choose words carefully

You have to be careful about the way you choose your wording in this paper. Select the appropriate words that resonate with the reader, or words that drive the message home effectively.


Always make sure that you proofread your paper before you present it for marking, so that you can find some simple mistakes before they are detected by your teacher.


Never make the mistake of cheating in your paper. This will get caught and the consequences may be dire, depending on the policies of your institution.

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