Tips on How to Write a Summary Essay

A summary essay is much the same as an essay of any other sort. One would approach it as any other essay. Normally a summary essay would require the writing of a research paper. In order to produce a quality research paper, it is important that certain elements be in place.

There are several logical steps one must take to construct the paper. These steps may consist of something like the following:

  1. Choose a Topic
  2. Gather Information
  3. State the Thesis
  4. Create an Outline
  5. Gather notes
  6. Write the First Draft
  7. Revise the Outline
  8. Revise the Draft
  9. Revise the Outline
  10. Revise the Draft
  11. The Final Paper

After you have finished the first draft, it would be helpful to submit the work to a checklist. The checklist may appear similar to the following:

  1. Is the thesis statement clear?
  2. Did I follow the Outline?
  3. Are my arguments presented in a logical sequence?
  4. Have I referenced my composition with proper citations?
  5. Have I proved my thesis?
  6. Is my thesis, the development of my arguments and the proof of my thesis clear to the reader?

Remember that all papers should be checked for grammar and spelling. Have a friend or associate help you proofread your work.

Submission to a second checklist can address grammar and spelling issues. The second checklist may look something like this:

  1. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence
  2. Provide proof for each argument
  3. Are sentences run-on or unfinished?
  4. Is word use concise and effective?
  5. Does the length of the sentences vary?
  6. Is there a development of the thesis through each paragraph?
  7. Have I eliminated all grammatical errors?
  8. Have I eliminated all spelling errors?
  9. Have I properly referenced my work with accurate citations?

These are some steps, which can guide you through the process of composing a proper summary essay.

What one might do is to establish the date that the project is due. Then schedule study time that breaks down the steps into small increments to be accomplished each day. A schedule may be constructed so as to finish the paper a few days early so that you can proofread it and revise it as necessary over the last couple of days. Maybe it would be possible to turn it in a few days early, which is always desirable.

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