The American Dream

The American dream is an ideal in which every person has the opportunity to become successful and prosperous, regardless of his or her origin. According to this set of beliefs, the key to achieving your goals is hard work, as all people are born equal and everyone has a chance to succeed with enough effort. However, although the circumstances of birth do not define a person, it is impossible to agree that all people are born equal and have equal chances, which means that it is impossible to truly achieve the American dream.

A person born to a poor family from some small town has fewer opportunities to develop in many ways. In case the person in question is rather ambitious and goal oriented, he or she might be able to move away and get a good education by winning a scholarship. However, will the road to success simply occur for these people? Very few individuals know exactly what they want to do in order to achieve their dreams. This is where the limitations of the small town upbringing come into play. In many cases, it will not even occur to the person which route to choose, as he or she had so very little experience of the world.

The family you are bought into also plays a great part in defining a person. The values supported by these people will unavoidably affect a child during his or her early years. This impact will imprint on the child at a subconscious level, and will influence the decisions of the person for the rest of his or her life. In terms of succeeding in life and business, these childhood experiences can really make the difference between becoming a star and being an average citizen.

Genes are as important in making a person into what he or she dreams to be. Some people are born with genetic diseases and predispositions to various terminal conditions that they develop while still very young. This alone proves that people are not born equal in terms of opportunities.

There is no denying the fact that some individuals manage to defy all and any circumstances on their roads to success. However, there are so very few of them that these cases can only be seen as exceptions to the general rule. Therefore, the American dream is unachievable on the national scale, as it is impossible to create the circumstances where all people have equal opportunities from the moment of their births.

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