10 Captivating Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

Any person, place, memory, experience, or object can become a topic of a descriptive essay. The only problem is to pick one out, and decide which features of it will be portrayed.

Here is a list of 10 thrilling descriptive essay topic ideas where the choice has already been made for you:

  1. A person who has made me change my attitude towards music / painting / sculpture / literature.

    Provide a vivid description of a famous artist / musician / writer who made you like a particular genre of art. Explain when you encountered his or her works for the first time, and what range of emotions you experienced.

  2. A person that makes me laugh.

    Write about someone who is able to boost your spirits. Say whether it is his or her appearance or behavior that makes you laugh.

  3. The scariest painting I have ever seen.

    Dwell on the contents of the painting; disclose what features frighten you the most. Write about the place where it hangs, and whether it scares other people.

  4. The dish I associate with my mother.

    Write about the emotions you experience when you think about your home. Concentrate on the gustative ones, especially those associated with your mother's cooking.

  5. A piece of furniture I hate.

    Describe a piece of furniture that evokes a range of negative emotions within you. Dwell on the features you hate most of all, and state whether you try to avoid using this object.

  6. The day I decided to change my life.

    Provide a description of an event that made you restart your life with a clean state. Introduce a range of sensual experiences into your story. Dwell on the details that are carved into your memory.

  7. The place I go to when I feel depressed.

    Say how and when you found the place, and what makes it so special. State whether it is the atmosphere or people that help raise your spirits. Describe the shifts in the emotions you experience there.

  8. The place I see as soon as I close my eyes.

    Close your eyes and describe the first place that comes to your mind. Try to find the reasons for why this place is so special.

  9. A person with whom I would like to spend the last day of my life with.

    Write about this special person, and the reasons that make you feel so magnetized towards him or her.

  10. The things I usually have in my bag.

    Disclose the contents of your bag or your pockets. Explain why you constantly carry certain things with you.

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