How To Write A Graduate University Essay

In graduate school you will write plenty of essays and in order to do well in essay writing, you want to know the right way to write an essay. If you're writing a persuasive essay, you should first plan the topic you're writing about and then you need to decide what your argument will be based on your knowledge and research you've done on the topic. When you write the persuasive essay you don't want to come across as preachy because the reader will feel as if you're lecturing him. You should state your argument and the evidence that backs your argument.

Look Out for Bad Signs of Poor Essay Writing

In your graduate essay writing assignments it is important to watch out for common mistakes that occur among essay writers. A common mistake many college students make in essay writing is not sticking to the topic. If you're writing an informative essay on the effects of the 1930s Spanish Civil War on women and children, you're going off track when you start writing about Adolf Hitler's regime. You should avoid writing in passive voice but instead use active voice since it looks more appealing to the reader. Stay away from overused jargon and never use fillers to extend the essay.

Keep Invalid Arguments Out of Thesis Statements

To avoid invalid arguments in your thesis statements, you need to put aside your own biases or personal beliefs because they cannot be used as valid arguments. For example, you cannot argue that mostly low-income families lack the motivation to get in shape physically because this is a generalization and the truth is that some low income families are actually dedicated to living healthier daily. Stay away from cause and effect arguments in the thesis statement.

Tips on Writing Literary Analytical Essays

If you're writing a literary analysis essay, make sure you read the book thoroughly and take plenty of notes on each chapter so that you will have a framework to base the essay on. Your thesis statement must be the result of the material you read along with secondary research sources from scholarly journals or other books. After you write your thesis statement, use the rest of the essay to prove your point that is in the thesis statement.


Writing the best graduate essay takes months of practice but when you finally achieve success, you would take those lessons with you when you begin professional work as a scholar.

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