Writing A Winning Research Paper About Vandalism

All of us have come across vandalism in our lives: in the papers, as witnesses, or in stories. But what we view as an act of crime and deviance is scrutinized by experts and psychologists time and time again. Why do people vandalize? What are the subtexts that people subconsciously project while vandalizing? If you are one of the students wondering how to write a winning research paper about vandalism, here are a few tips:

Writing a winning research paper about vandalism: some tips and tricks

What angles can you discuss?

There are various angles that you can adopt while writing your paper, such as:

  • The psychology of vandalism
  • Most famous incidents of vandalism in your community/country/history
  • Forms of Vandalism
  • Vandalism in the Mafia
  • Vandalism and Religion: how are they related?

These, of course, are only some examples. You need to realize what type of paper you want to write: do you want to inform, educate, or analyze? The content of your paper can differ according to the angle you want to adopt.

Who can you talk to?

You can talk to:

  • Police officers: You can talk to local authority figures and talk about the various cases they have come across. Since they have had first-hand contact with the perpetrators, they can tell you about the acts in detail. If you can, ask for permission to talk to some of the subjects under supervision.
  • Psychologists: Talking to psychologists will get you a clinical perspective for your paper. You can ask for details on how the brain processes vandalism, and the causes that often lead to it.
  • Professors/Teachers on Social Deviance: Vandalism is one of the most important and discussed topics in social deviance classes. While writing a paper on vandalism, you may consider consulting teachers/professors of social deviance.
  • Vandals: It may be hard to come across a vandal easily, but you may consider talking to the local police to grant you permission to talk to some of their subjects. If need be, you may also get a letter from your teacher, granting you permission for the same.

Other sources to look at:

While you should always try to make your research authentic, you may need additional help all the same. If you need help with your paper, you can consult sample papers, essay websites, university databases, and academic journals. These will not only help you with templates, but also new and unique angles to your paper.

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