Online Term Paper Examples Are Not Plagiarism-Free

Students are always looking for ways to get out of writing term papers. Sadly, there are still many students who think it is perfectly safe to submit a term paper they found on a website. This is one of the worst things that any student could ever do. The rule of thumb for any student who is looking for a free essay online is that if you can find, so can your instructor. If your instructor can find the paper and does find it, you will have to deal with the charges of plagiarism which can quite costly.

Understanding Plagiarism

The reason that many students still try to find free essays online is because they do not know what plagiarism actually is. It is not just simply forgetting to include a source in a term paper. Plagiarism includes taking someone else's work and claiming it as your own. This means that you cannot take anyone's work off of the Internet and turn it is as your work.

Never Take a Sample and Use It in Your Writing

Many writing websites from universities and other writing organizations offer free online term paper samples. These should be used as examples only and never used as your own writing. If you take writing from samples, you are technically plagiarizing. Students who are accused of plagiarism can have varying degrees of punishment. Some students can be expelled from their colleges. If you plagiarize in a high school, you could fail the course. At the graduate school level, students who plagiarize will be expelled and the mark can follow them if they try to enroll elsewhere.

How to Avoid Plagiarism Charges

There are a few ways to avoid plagiarizing. One is to write every paper by yourself and to always properly document your sources. This is the best way to keep your academic integrity intact all through school. Another way, if you do not like to write, is to hire people to write customized term papers for you. As with any form of cheating, there is some risk, but at this point, instructors have not figured out a way to catch students who do this. When you hire someone to write your essay for you, there is no guarantee that the writer will actually craft the entire paper. Even if you consider yourself to be a bad writer, it is still better to write your own paper.

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