How to write a summary of an essay: crucial hints

When you are writing a summary of an essay your job is not just to provide a summary line by line of what happened in the essay or what the writer included. Your job is to go above and beyond that by first presenting a short summary of what was contained in the essay and then to provide an analysis of what good points were supported by evidence and what areas left something to be desired. If there is a section that was not well supported or an discussion topic that was not addressed you need to present these features in your essay.

In order to do this you need to start writing and sometimes the introduction is the hardest part to write.

Are you struggling with your introduction? Even the most experienced writers have stumbled upon this form of writer's block before. The introduction has been historically a hard, if not the hardest, part of a paper. Some of the best ways to relieve any pressure placed on you to have the perfect introduction include the following:

  • Write your introduction last. Do not force yourself to have the perfect intro before you write the rest of your thoughts down. This may seem somewhat radical, but after you have written down the rest of your thoughts, constructed your body, and presented your arguments with evidence, you will find that the sense of what you need in the introduction becomes clear. While you might have been taught in school that the introduction comes first, this applies more toward its position in your paper than in terms of how you should write your essay. Research actually indicates that people do not think effectively in this manner which is why you should not hesitate to write what you know, even if what you know is not the introduction. Write your outline, your thesis, your plan, anything to keep yourself focused, but don't feel required to put the introduction first.
  • When you write the introduction, do it quickly. If you are the type of writer who needs to draft the introduction before the rest of the paper, then write one as quickly as you can. Do not get bogged down and waste a lot of time trying to make it perfect. Write something short and sweet, and then return to it for editing and proofreading after you finish the body of your text.

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