How To Find A Checked Research Paper Example Offline: Good Suggestions

The Internet is a great source of information, but it isn't the only place you can turn to when you are searching for checked research paper examples. There are plenty of good offline sources you can explore. In fact, you should do this even if you have access to the Web, because it's much easier to find high quality samples directly in your school.

  • The Library.
  • Your school library is the place you need to frequent if you want to stay ahead in your classes. It is filled with materials gathered specifically to help students, so you can be sure it contains exactly what you need. There you can find a few great guidebooks on academic writing. All of them include examples you can use. The papers written by students over the years are also stored in the library. Take your time studying these as this is the best kind of example you might find. These papers have been graded by your teachers, so you will learn what to expect by going through them.

  • Older students.
  • Your upperclassmen have already completed the same projects you are currently working on. Students usually store copies of their research papers, so you can ask these people for help when looking for samples. The biggest benefit of this option is the fact that it provides you with a chance to ask for some tips as well. You can learn quite a bit by discussing the essay with its author.

  • Your teachers.
  • Most professors have a collection of research papers created by their students. If your relationship with the teacher is good, you should ask him or her to see some of these works. You can be perfectly sure in the quality of the example you get this way. In addition, you should use this opportunity to ask the professor for some advice. Take careful notes so as not to forget anything important.

  • Professional publications.
  • Many professional journals often print research papers or at least excerpts from them. You should subscribe to several of them in order to stay informed of the new developments in the field. The access to high quality samples is an additional bonus of this arrangement.

Please remember, regardless of where you find the example, you need to credit the author in case you use any of the recognizable ideas from it or quote the piece indirectly. This will save you from the accusations of plagiarism. Be very careful about it as even unintentional plagiarism will affect your grade.

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