A List Of The Best Essay Topics For Class 7: Great Suggestions

The type of essay assignment greatly influences the type of topic or even how the paper is written. It is expected that class 7 essays will test pupils' writing skills, creativity and comprehension. They will be expected to understand topical ideas and develop arguments on them, descriptions of subjects/objects, relate ideas, compare ideas, and develop concepts. Here is a list of best essay topics:

  1. Kids should not be allowed to freely use social media: People like connecting with friends. A fashion today is having a social media page/account. Learners can talk about how the social media helps them to connect with family members and colleagues. However, a lot has been said about how dangerous social media exposure can be to underage children. This can also be discussed in the essay.

  2. Why banning canning in school is important

  3. The place I would like to live: This would be a great descriptive essay topic since every one of us has a wish about the environment we would like to have around. You will be required to provide a detailed explanation of the ideal place in such a way to give the reader a visual image of it.

  4. The animal I would like to be: This is more of a descriptive essay topic, although injecting creativity is also important. For instance, in addition to giving details about the animal you would like to be, you could add a few statements about what you would do differently - this makes the paper interesting.

  5. Educational video games should be encouraged: This can form a good argumentative topic and can be interesting to many learners since this is what many do during most of their free time.

  6. Too much junk food is dangerous: This forms a persuasive title. You need to identify the main arguments at the introduction. The main argument is formed by your general opinion on whether or not having too much junk food is dangerous. You will be required to provide supporting evidence in the body.

  7. Children should be left to watch television on their own: This is more of a persuasive or argumentative write up. Like the case above, identify the main argument and then proceed to provide supporting points in the body.

  8. Online studies are the best

  9. Living in the city is better than in rurals

  10. Playing is important for studies

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