A Brief Introduction To The Descriptive Essay Writing Process

A descriptive essay is simply the type of essay in which you need to describe and explain the given subject in an objective manner using the basic five senses of the reader. The basic modes of writing this paper are exposition, argumentation, narration, and description. You need to paint a picture in the mind of your reader and help him stay with you throughout the paper. Unlike persuasive papers, you do not need to convince the readers of your ideas or persuade them to agree with you. You should have a neutral stance and only focus on getting a clear image in the mind of your readers. You can write your paper on subjects like a physical place, a famous personality, an event or occasion or an imagination or dream that you have.

Your paper will start with a winning topic that can engage your audience to know more about the paper and follow the same traditional style like any other essay. This means you will need a sound introduction, followed by the body of your paper and ending at the conclusion paragraph.

  1. The topic selection is one of the most time taking and critical parts about writing your essay. You need to make sure that the topic allows the scope for the rest of your assignment and is flexible enough to support the data you will include in the body of your paper. You can choose to write about any subject area keeping the instructions by your teacher in your mind. For example, you can write about your first day at school or your experiences with certain relations, physical places, or persons

  2. The first paragraph of your paper will be the introduction where you present your topic to the readers in a way that can hook them to read the rest of your paper. The introduction of your essay needs to be brief and precise and must give some background about the topic or subject you will address. The other purpose of the introduction is to show the scope of the rest of your paper

  3. The body of your descriptive essay needs to have the major arguments that you will use to appeal to the five basic senses of the reader. Make sure to use concrete examples and imagery to help them relate to your assignment

  4. The conclusion is the last paragraph in your paper where you summarize the entire paper in one paragraph

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